Seminars are usually held on Wednesdays at 4.00 pm in Bell Lecture Theatre,
Main Physics Building. (location)
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Seminar coordinator: Dr A Ferraro -


Upcoming Seminars:

Monday, May 08 2017, 04:00 PM, Room 0G.006, Maths and Physics Teaching Centre

Prof James Williams (University of Western Australia)

Spin-dependent interactions:

A fundamental basis for magnetism and spin-electronics.

“Flowers from other Gardens”

The challenges and practices of how to observe and control the interplay between electron correlations, electron exchange, spin-orbit coupling, and field distortions within compound atomic structures are emerging from current research activity. Studies of the physical interactions have accumulated from:

• spin-polarized electron momentum probing exchange (zinc and inert gases) and spin-orbit coupling (with geometric phase) in free single atoms,
• spin polarized momentum dispersion in multilayered (Ag, Fe on W) thin films and surfaces,
• elemental momentum density dispersion in doped perovskite oxides, Zn2-xTi1-2xTa2xO4
• polymer blends such as polyvinyl, polyacetates, graphene, reduced graphene oxides,
• positronium Coincidence Doppler Broadening of elemental electron density dispersions.

Discussion will concern concepts at an introductory level.


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