Seminars are currently held on Mondays from 1-2pm in MAP 02.002.
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Seminar coordinator: Dr Lisa McCrink –

2016-17 Seminar Series

5th December Ms Emma Brown Introduction to Bovine Tuberculosis and the challenges to model formation
21st November Ms Meabh McCurdy Utilising different matrix exponential software packages
14th November Ms Caoimhe Carbery Advanced technologies and their benefits for statistical research
7th November Prof Adele Marshall A Random Forest Based Approach for Handling Concept Drift
31st October Ms Laura Boyle Developing a simulation model for hospital emergency departments in Australia
24th October Mr Conor Donnelly A joint modelling approach to the analysis of longitudinal and survival data utilising the Coxian phase-type distribution
17th October Dr Lisa McCrink Recent Advances in Joint Modelling: Analysing Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-16 Seminar Series

13th May Dr Karen Cairns Probabilistic Cost-effectiveness Analyses in Healthcare
29th April Ms Meabh McCurdy Investigating alternative approaches for calculating the exponential of a matrix
22nd April Ms Sophia Halliday Stochastic mixed effects models; benefits and estimation
15th April Ms Caoimhe Carbery Developing advances in the area of deep learning
8th April Dr Salissou Moutari Solutions of fourth-order parabolic equation modeling thin film growth
11th March Mr Christopher Steele Investigating the effect of individual characteristics on the time from type 2 diabetes diagnosis to the occurrence of a related complication using a survival tree based approach
4th March Ms Laura Boyle Modelling activity in hospital operating theatres: preliminary findings using discrete event simulation
26th February Mr Paul McWilliams Real time analytics (RTA) – An unsupervised method, with adaptive sliding windows to optimise accuracy of domain independent training data for social media streams over time
19th February Mr Conor Donnelly A two-stage approach to incorporate individuals’ longitudinal response trajectories as predictors within the Coxian phase-type distribution with censoring
12th February Mr Andrew Gordon Two approaches for the analysis of elderly patient covariates with a view to predicting length of stay in hospital and community care using a series of conditional Coxian phase-type distributions
3rd December Mr Conor Donnelly A longitudinal model that uses individual repeated measures as predictors of a Coxian phase-type survival distribution
26th November Ms Laura Boyle Modelling A&E waits using a phase-type simulation approach
19th November Ms Sophia Halliday Mixed effects modelling via the EM algorithm with application to eGFR data
12th November Mr Ashley McMinn Autonomic Nested Logit models with Application to Further Education College Demand in Northern Ireland
5th November Mr Paul McWilliams “SentAdapt” – A real time evolving, domain independent social media model
29th October Mr Christopher Steele Using the Coxian phase-type distribution to model the time from type 2 diabetes diagnosis to first recorded vascular complication in older adults
22nd October Mr Andrew Gordon Modelling readmission of elderly patients to hospitals in the Lombardy region of Italy using a phase-type survival tree with a conditional Coxian phase-type distribution
15th October Prof A H Marshall Modelling Student Survival Time at University using case studies in Italy and Greece
8th November Ms Felicity Lamrock Cost-Effectiveness Of Novel Biomarkers for CVD Prevention

2014-15 Seminar Series

2nd October Dr Vikki O’Neill “A question of taste: Recognising the role of latent preferences and attitudes in analysing food choices.”
9th October Dr Karen Cairns “Integrating multiple imputation techniques in life expectancy calculations for cardiovascular disease.”
16th October Ms Bronagh Coll “Pattern Recognition Approach for Road Collision Hotspot Analysis: Case study of Northern Ireland.”
23rd October Mr Ashley McMinn “Autonomic Nested Logit Models with Application to Further Education College Demand in Northern Ireland.”
30th October Mr Christopher Steele “What role does Socioeconomic Position play in the development of Type 2 Diabetes in older adults?”
6th November Ms Alex Cowan “Detecting market manipulation: a probabilistic approach.”
13th November Mr Andrew Gordon “A conditional Markov approach for modelling patient readmission to hospital.”
20th November Ms Hannah Mitchell “Quality of Care: The Hidden Approach.”
27th November Dr Lisa McCrink “Robust Joint Modelling: The Impact of Longitudinal Outliers.”
04th December Ms Rebecca Rollins “The discrete conditional phase-type model to predict, and plan for, retinopathy of prematurity.”
11th December Ms Felicity Lamrock “Improving parameter estimation for a decision-analytic Markov model.”
12th February Dr Salissou Moutari “Macroscopic modelling of road traffic collision propensity along road sections.”
19th February Ms Laura Boyle “Discrete event simulation modelling for the C-Ph distribution.”
05th March Mr Conor Donnelly “Longitudinal Joint Modelling Utilising a Coxian Phase-Type Distribution.”
12th March Ms Sophia Halliday “Robust Joint Analysis incorporating a Stochastic Component.”
19th March Mr Ashley McMinn “Autonomic Nested Logit Models with Application to Further Education College Demand in Northern Ireland.”
26th March Ms Hannah Mitchell “Latent phase-type models for Italy’s aging population.”
01st April Ms Alex Cowan “Adaptive Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Early Detection of Market Manipulation.”
23rd April Mr Christopher Steele “Socioeconomic position and type 2 diabetes in older adults: Why does the relationship exist and what are the consequences?”
28th April Ms Rebecca Rollins “DC-Ph model utilising a multiclass SVM for the prediction of Retinopathy of Prematurity.”
30th April Mr Andrew Gordon “Using a conditional mixture of Coxian phase-type distributions to model elderly patient pathway through care – an Italian case study.”
07th May Ms Felicity Lamrock “A Decision Analytic Markov Model for Estimating the Cost-Effectiveness of Novel Biomarkers for CVD Prevention.”
18th June Catherine Ojo, KTP Associate An Overview of Risk Prediction Modelling in Health & Medicine

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