A major review paper by Dr Gleb Gribakin and his experimentalist colleagues Prof Cliff Surko and Dr Jason Young

Last updated May 29, 2017 by Andrew Brown

Positron-molecule interactions: Resonant attachment, annihilation, and bound states, G. F. Gribakin, J. A. Young, and C. M. Surko has now been accepted in Reviews of Modern Physics http://rmp.aps.org/accepted

This paper summarises the results of the rapid development in the field of positron annihilation in molecules over the past 10 years. Thanks to a concerted effort of the experimental group of Prof Cliff Surko (University of California, San Diego), and theoretical work by Dr Gleb Gribakin and his PhD students at Queen’s, we now have a much better understanding of the phenomenon of positron annihilation in polyatomic molecules and the effect of positron attachment via vibrational Feshbach resonances. These resonances are responsible for large (several orders of magnitude) enhancements of positron annihilation rates in polyatomic molecules.


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