Seminar: Gianluca Stefanucci, University of Rome Tor Vergata, 3pm Wed 2nd March 2022

Online seminar via MS Teams

NEGF methods for real-time simulations of interacting electrons and bosons

Abstract: We present an efficient first-principle Non-Equilibrium Green’s Function method to simulate the correlated dynamics of interacting electrons and bosons. The method is applied to investigate the ultrafast charge migration processes in organic molecules ionized by attosecond laser pulses. We also present recent theoretical developments to improve the description of electronic correlations and to drastically reduce the computational scaling. These advances open the way to real-time NEGF simulations of charge and phonon dynamics in material science. The relaxation dynamics of optically excited semiconductors and the phenomenon of carrier multiplication in photo-excited graphene are revisited highlighting the importance of the electronic feedback on the phonon bath and the role of self-consistency in the dynamical screening of the electron-electron interaction.

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