Dr Felipe Arretche visits CTAMOP

Last updated May 29, 2017 by Andrew Brown

In February 2014 CTAMOP is hosting a month-long visit by Dr Felipe Arretche from Grupo de Fisica Atomica e Molecular, Departamento de Fisica UFSC – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil. Dr Arretche’s visit is supported by the Queen’s University through the International Engagement Fund. The purpose of the visit is to collaborate with Dr Gleb Gribakin on the problem of positron scattering and annihilation in molecules. Positron-molecule interactions are important in areas ranging from medical applications such as Positron Emission Tomography (PET) to the production of antihydrogen at CERN and the problem of antimatter in the Universe. On 12 February 2014 Dr Arretche gave a CTAMOP seminar on “Low Energy Scattering of Positrons by Molecules: A Comparison Between Schwinger Multichannel and Continued Fractions Methods”.


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Old Physics Building

The Old Physics Building,
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