Publication selected as ‘Editor’s Suggestion’

Last updated October 17, 2019 by Andrew Brown

CTAMOP postdoctoral researcher Alessio Belenchia has had an article selected as an ‘Editor’s Suggestion’ in Physical Review A.

Dr Belenchia’s paper, entitled Talbot–Lau effect beyond the point-particle approximation is an exploration of the impact of size on the observation of quantum effects. In collaboration with CTAMOP director of research, Prof Mauro Paternostro, and others Dr Belenchia has developed the necessary theoretical tools to account for large particles in near-field matter-wave interferometric  experiments. Currently, these are the preferred context for the exploration of the interface between the quantum and classical worlds.

Editor’s suggestions are contributions that the editors and referees find of particular interest, importance, or clarity.

Congratulations to Alessio, Mauro and their co-authors on this recognition of their work.


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