Postgrad students

Current postgrad students

Boreland, GarethContinuous graphs and zero-error quantum information
Boyle, LauraModelling patient flow through hospital emergency deparments: a framework for generalisable discrete event simulation modelling using Coxian distributions.
Brown, EmmaModelling Bovine Tuberculosis
Donnelly, ConorLongitudinal Joint Modelling Utilising the Coxian Phase-type Distribution
Harvey, GrantG-equivariant stable homotopy theory for profinite G
He, WeijiaoOperator alegbras from dynamical systems
McCurdy, MeabhImproving the Computational Efficiency for Calculating Matrix Exponentials using Krylov Subspace Methods
Montgomery, TashaStrongly graded rings and their associated projective spaces
O'Cofaigh, DonalLinear preservers arisen from Schur product
Rosbotham, MichaelSteaf Cohomology of C*-Algebras
Taggart, NiallUnitary homotopy calculus

Past postgrad students

Sugrue, DannyRational G-equivariant spectra for G profinite
Corvan, CiaranA homotopy theoretic model for projective spaces
Steers, LukeAlgebraic finite domination
Li, YifanNil versus nilpotent
Cowan, AlexandraModelling Trader Intentions through Evolving Bayesian Networks
Gordon, AndrewThe advancement of stochastic processes to model the progression of elderly patients through multiple stages of care using the conditional Coxian phase-type distribution
Mawhinney, LindaInductive limits of operator systems
McKee, AndrewMultipliers of dynamical systems
McMinn, AshleyAutonomic Nested Logit Models with Application to Further Education College Demand in Northern Ireland
Rollins, RebeccaThe Waterfall Support Vector Machine for the Multiclass Imbalance Problem: An Application to Predict Retinopathy of Prematurity in Neo-natal Infants
Coll, BronaghA Framework for Road Safety Assessment: Identification of Temporal and Spatial Hotspots
Mitchell, HannahLatent Phase-type Models for Italy's Ageing Population
Young, MatthewThe structure of spectrally bounded operators on Banach algebras
Fitzgerald, AidanHybrid Macroscopic Modelling of Vehicular Traffic Flow in Road Networks
McKenzie, StuartThe order structure of some spaces of Banach lattice valued functions
McFetridge, LisaOutlier effects on Robust Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data
McQuillan, JanetteThe Synergy Between System Dynamics and the Coxian Phase-type Distribution: An Application in Healthcare Modelling
Napolitano, GiulioOntology-based information extraction from pathology reports for cancer registration
Spollen, MartinModelling Latent Preferences in a System where Choice Outcomes are influenced by Capacity Constraints on some Alternatives: A Case Study of School Choice in Northern Ireland

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