The MSRC represents a wide range of mathematical research, falling broadly into the following categories listed below. You can also check research interests listed by researcher.


Algebraic K-theory; classical algebra; noncommutative ring theory; homological algebra; sheaf theory


Amenability; abstract harmonic analysis; applications to quantum information theory; Banach algebras; Banach lattices; operator algebras; operator theory

Data Science

Machine learning and artificial intelligence; big data analytics; Topological data analysis

Optimization and Operational Research

Life expectancy modelling; traffic and accident models; patient stay and readmission


Survival Analysis; Longitudinal data analysis; Spatial Analysis; Discrete Choice Analysis; Bayesian Analysis

Topology and Geometry

Applied algebraic topology; computational topology; noncommutative topology; homotopy theory; point set topology; stochastic geometry

Partial Differential Equations and applied analysis

Dynamical systems; qualitative analysis of PDEs; spectral theory; applications to mathematical biology

Mathematical Sciences Research Centre