History: Colloquium talks at the PMRC, 2010-2017

This page lists talks given in the years 2010 to 2017 at the Pure Mathematics Colloquium of the Pure Mathematics Research Centre (PMRC) at Queen’s University Belfast.


Colloquium Talks 2010

5 February 2010 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast Hypercyclic finite rank perturbations of unitary operators
12 February 2010 Alastair Craw University of Glasgow Quiver representations in algebraic geometry
19 February 2010 Hung Le Pham Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Multi-norms and amenability
26 February 2010 Götz Pfeiffer National University of Ireland, Galway Presentations of certain subalgebras of group algebras
5 March 2010 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast On operators commuting with the Volterra operator
12 March 2010 Jonathan Woolf University of Liverpool Transversal homotopy theory
19 March 2010 Paul Mitchener  University of Sheffield C*-algebras, C*-categories, and functors
26 March 2010 Marcus Greferath  University College Dublin Some new insight into the algebraic representation of Best’s (10,40,4) code
23 April 2010 Jonathan Partington University of Leeds Universal Operators
30 April 2010 Matthew Daws University of Leeds Quantum groups via Operator algebras
7 May 2010 Jelena Grbic University of Manchester The homotopy theory of moment-angle complexes
8 October 2010 Thomas Huettemann Queen’s University Belfast How to count lattice points with line bundles
15 October 2010 David Lewis University College Dublin Automorphisms and involutions of incidence algebras
22 October 2010 Bernd Kreussler Mary Immaculate College Means, Braids and Triangle Equations
29 October 2010 Frank Neumann University of Leicester Weil conjectures for the moduli stack of vector bundles on algebraic curves
5 November 2010 Michael Tuite University of Galway Combinatorics of bosonic strings on Riemann surfaces
12 November 2010 Bill Crawley-Boevey University of Leeds Links between representations of quivers and Fuchsian differential equations
19 November 2010 Wilhelm Winter University of Nottingham Algebraic and topological regularity properties of nuclear C*-algebras
26 November 2010 Miles Reid University of Warwick Rings and varieties
3 December 2010 Jukka Kauppi University of Oulu On dense subalgebras of commutative C*-algebras
10 December 2010 Edwin Beggs University of Swansea Rank one modules (line modules) in noncommutative geometry
17 December 2010 David Quinn Queen’s University of Belfast Koszul incidence algebras of acyclic categories


Colloquium Talks 2011

11 February 2011 Imre Leader University of Cambridge Lion and Man
18 February 2011 Anthony Wickstead Queen’s University of Belfast Separable Banach lattices on which every bounded linear operator is regular
25 February 2011 John Hunton University of Leicester What is an attractive shape?
4 March 2011 Martin Mathieu Queen’s University of Belfast A new formula for the local multiplier algebra
11 March 2011 Lina Oliveira Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon On norm closed Lie ideals of nest algebras
18 March 2011 Joachim Zacharias University of Nottingham On groups with the invariant translation approximation property
25 March 2011 Karin Erdmann University of Oxford Complexity for modules of finite-dimensional algebras
1 April 2011 Adrian Wadsworth University of California, San Diego SK_1 of finite-dimensional division algebras
8 April 2011 Mihalis Anoussis University of the Aegean Angles in C*-Algebras
15 April 2011 Mark Wildon Royal Holloway, University of London Commuting conjugacy classes in finite groups
13 May 2011 Radha Kessar University of Aberdeen Finiteness questions in modular representation theory of finite groups
7 October 2011 Tony Dorlas DIAS, Dublin Quantum channels for classical information and the strong converse
14 October 2011 Natalia Iyudu Queen’s University Belfast The Anick conjecture on the minimal Hilbert series of quadratic algebras
21 October 2011 Alexander Premet University of Manchester On the Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture for simple Lie algebras
28 October 2011 Andrey Lazarev University of Leicester Maurer-Cartan equation and rational homotopy theory
4 November 2011 Savvas Papapanayides Queen’s University of Belfast Reflexivity of subspace lattices, property (p) and the ultraweak rank one density property
11 November 2011 Dirk Schuetz University of Durham Configuration spaces of closed linkages
18 November 2011 Richard Timoney Trinity College Dublin Embeddings in B(H) of ideals and tensor products of JC*-triples
25 November 2011 Thomas Huettemann Queen’s University of Belfast Finite domination of chain complexes
2 December 2011 Andreas Winter University of Bristol Zero-error communication via quantum channels, non-commutative graphs
and a quantum Lovasz number
9 December 2011 Yuri Melnikov Brussels Spectral analysis for a class of integral-difference operators
9 December 2011
at 4 pm in DBB/01/006
Yuri Melnikov Brussels EU funding for advanced research and international cooperation
16 December 2011 Madeeha Khalid DCU K3 surfaces and matrix algebras


Colloquium Talks 2012

3 February 2012 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast Chaotic Banach algebras
10 February 2012 Alina Vdovina Newcastle University Co-compact actions on buildings and applications
17 February 2012 Dimitry Rumynin University of Warwick Finite G-sets and finite W-algebras
24 February 2012 Mercedes Siles University of Malaga The Taste of Mathematics
2 March 2012 Stuart McKenzie Queen’s University Belfast An analogue of Palmer’s theorem on Banach lattices
8 March 2012 at 4 pm Colm Mulcahy Spelman College, Atlanta Celebration of Mind: The Mathematics, Magic and Mystery of Martin Gardner
9 March 2012 Chris Boyd University College Dublin Isometries of weighted spaces of holomorphic functions
16 March 2012 Stefan Kolb Newcastle University Coideal subalgebras of quantum groups
23 March 2012 Grigori Garkusha University of Swansea K-motives of algebraic varieties
4 May 2012 Natalia Iyudu Queen’s University Belfast On the K-theory of graph C*-algebras
11 May 2012 Ying-Fen Lin National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan Completely bounded disjointness preserving operators on the Fourier algebra
5 October 2012 Shahn Majid Queen Mary University of London Duality for bicovariant differentials on quantum groups
12 October 2012 Vern Paulsen Houston University The Kadison-Singer Problem
19 October 2012 Matt Daws Leeds University Compact quantum groups from semigroups
26 October 2012 Vladimir Dotsenko Trinity College Dublin A gentle introduction to shuffle operads
2 November 2012 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast Orbits of coanalytic Toeplitz operators
9 November 2012
at 3 pm in DBB/02/006
Uli Kraehmer Glasgow University Homological algebra and monoidal categories
16 November 2012 Arnfinn Laudal University of Oslo Moduli of representations of associative algebras. Applications to Young-Mills theory and Gauge theory
23 November 2012 Tom Brady Dublin City University Non-crossing partitions and Milnor fibres of braid arrangements
30 November 2012 Thomas Huettemann Queen’s University Belfast A strictly combinatorial approach to the algebraic K-theory of projective spaces
7 December 2012 at 2 pm
and at 3.30 pm
Andrew Ranicki
Samuel James Patterson
Edinburgh University
Goettingen University
Cobordism of manifolds with boundary
Towards understanding the Kummer phenomenon
14 December 2012 Rupert Levene University College Dublin Idempotent Schur multipliers: mind the gaps


Colloquium Talks 2013

1 February 2013 David Barnes Queen’s University Belfast Rational G-equivariant Cohomology Theories
8 February 2013 Richard Hepworth Aberdeen University Operations and Configurations
15 February 2013 James Griffin Glasgow University Cactus products
22 February 2013 Dennis Borisov Oxford University Higher dimensional operads
1 March 2013 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast Pauli states
8 March 2013 Zinaida Lykova Newcastle University Amenability of Banach and C*-algebras
15 March 2013 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast On numerical orbits
22 March 2013 Natalia Iyudu Queen’s University Belfast Conformal Lie and Gelfand-Dorfman operads
19 April 2013 Gleb Gribakin Queen’s University Belfast Scattering lengths in cold atom collisions
26 April 2013 Myrto Manolaki University College Dublin Universal Taylor series
3 May 2013 Consuelo Martinez Universidad de Oviedo Around the Cheng-Kac superalgebra
10 May 2013 at 2 pm
10 May 2013 at 3.30 pm
Leonid Parnovski

Vladimir Troitsky

University College London

University of Alberta


Invariant ideals of positive operators on Banach lattices

14 May 2013 at 2 pm
in DBB.02.026
David Kribs University of Guelph, Ontario Quantum Information via Subsystems
17 May 2013 Dimitri Gurevich Universit� de Valenciennes cancelled
4 October 2013 Stuart White University of Glasgow Regularity properties for nuclear C*-algebras
11 October 2013 Martin Mathieu Queen’s University Belfast Interplay between spectrally bounded operators and complex analysis
18 October 2013 Stephen Theriault University of Southampton Decompositions in homotopy theory
25 October 2013 Ying-Fen Lin Queen’s University Belfast Group C*-algebras and examples on exponential Lie groups
1 November 2013 Jukka Kauppi University of Oulu A generalization of a theorem of Stone and Kadison for ordered algebras with an order unit
8 November 2013
NBFA Seminar at 3 pm
in DBB.0G.005
15 November 2013 Thomas Vidick Issac Newton Institute Noncommutative Grothendieck inequalities and application to quantum two-player games
22 November 2013 Oliver Mason Hamilton Institute of NUIM The Markov Chain Tree Theorem, Analytic Hierarchy Process and the Max Algebra
29 November 2013 Jorge Bruno NUI Galway A metric approach to topology
6 December 2013 Marten Wortel University of Kent Hilbert’s metric and its isometries


Colloquium Talks 2014

7 February 2014 Lei Li Nankai University The nonvanishing preservers on function spaces
14 February 2014 Thomas Huettemann Queen’s University Belfast Remarks on topological and algebraic finiteness conditions
21 February 2014 Andy Baker University of Glasgow Polynomial Hopf algebras in Algebra andTopology
28 February 2014 Rosona Eldred Universit�t Hamburg Always-cartesian cubes and wrong-way maps
7 March 2014 Linda Mawhinney Queen’s University Belfast C*-algebras of real rank zero are exchange rings
14 March 2014 Bas Lemmens University of Kent From hyperbolic geometry to nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory
21 March 2014 Stephen Power Lancaster University The rigidity of infinite graphs and crystals
28 March 2014 David Barnes Queen’s University Belfast Postnikov Towers and Functor Calculus
2 May 2014 Matthew Young Queen’s University Belfast Isometries Vs. Spectral Isometries
9 May 2014 Constanze Roitzheim University of Kent Model categories – the joy of abstract nonsense
3 October 2014 Andrew Lobb University of Durham Knot theory: Euler characteristic to homology to homotopy
10 October 2014 Alex Fink Queen Mary University of London Varieties and cycles in tropical geometry
17 October 2014 David Barnes Queen’s University Belfast The Dold-Kan correspondence and its implications
31 October 2014 Ben de Pagter Delft University of Technology Translation invariant Banach function spaces
7 November 2014 Anthony Wickstead Queen’s University Belfast Norms of basic elementary operators on algebras of regular operators
14 November 2014 Sarah Whitehouse University of Sheffield Binomial rings in topology
21 November 2014 Simon Wasserman University of Glasgow The regular C*-algebra of a finite product of free groups
4 December 2014 at 4 pm Nigel Higson Penn State University Contractions of Lie Groups and Representation Theory
5 December 2014 Rupert Levene University College Dublin Hyperreflexivity and idempotent Schur multipliers


Colloquium Talks 2015

6 February 2015 Fionntan Roukema University of Sheffield An audience led guided tour through the world of 3-manifolds
13 February 2015 Evgenios Kakariadis University of Newcastle Semigroup actions on operator algebras
20 February 2015 Mike Rigby Queen Mary University London Iteration of holomorphic maps in infinite dimension
27 February 2015 Xin Li Queen Mary University of London Cartan subalgebras in C*-algebras and continuous orbit equivalence
6 March 2015 Aaron Tikusis University of Aberdeen C*-algebras, classification, and regularity
13 March 2015 Mark Roelands University of Kent Unique geodesics and embeddings of cones
20 March 2015 Stanislav Shkarin Queen’s University Belfast Periodicity Conjecture of Kontsevich
24 April 2015 Ivan Todorov Queen’s University Belfast Quantum chromatic numbers of graphs
1 May 2015 Yemon Choi University of Lancaster The ZL-amenability constant of a finite group
9 October 2015 Anthony Wickstead Queen’s University of Belfast Tensor products of f-algebras
14 October 2015 Alex Monras Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Quantum learning of classical stochastic processes
14 October 2015 Nadish de Silva University of Oxford Contextuality and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum Mechanics
16 October 2015 Giannicola Scarpa Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona Belief Invariance: Nonsignalling Equilibria in Games with Conflicting Interest
23 October 2015 Jean Ludwig Universite de Lorraine Spectral synthesis properties of points in the dual of a nilpotent Lie group
30 October 2015 Stephen Wills University College Cork Construction of quantum Stochastic cocycles
6 November 2015 Claus Koestler University College Cork Taming wild groups with invariance principles
13 November 2015 Derek Kitson University of Lancaster Geometric rigidity in normed spaces
20 November 2015 Jason Crann Carleton University, Canada Homological manifestations of amenability
27 November 2015 Jim Howie Heriot Watt University Weight of groups and knot surgery
11 December 2015 Pedrov Boavida UC Louvain / University of Lisbon Smooth embeddings and the little discs operad


Colloquium Talks 2016

5 February 2016 David Perez-Garcia Universidad Complutense de Madrid Undecidability of the spectral gap
19 February 2016 Luke Steers Queen’s University Belfast Finite domination, Novikov homology and Z-graded rings
26 February 2016 Christopher Braun University of Lancaster Derived localisation
4 March 2016 Adam Skalski Polish Academy of Science Fixed points of completely contractive maps and convolution operators on classical/quantum groups
11 March 2016 Jonathan Bennett University of Birmingham Control of Fourier multipliers by maximal operators
15 April 2016 Ana Belen Sainz University of Bristol Contextuality and nonlocality: a unifying framework
22 April 2016 Martin Crossley University of Swansea Operations in K-theory, completions, and discrete modules
29 April 2016 Mihalis Anoussis University of the Aegean Multiplication operators and topological radicals
6 May 2016 Michael Ruzhansky Imperial College London Multiplier theorems on groups
13 May 2016 David McConnell University of Glasgow A Stone-Cech Theorem for C*-bundles
15 June 2016 Jean Renault University of Orleans, France Semigroups and higher rank graphs
7 October 2016 Laura Mancinska University of Bristol Oddities of Quantum colorings
14 October 2016 Dan Pryor Queen’s University Belfast Topological Manifold Calculus
21 October 2016 Michael Whittaker University of Glasgow New directions in self-similar group theory
28 October 2016 Peter Kropholler University of Southampton Soluble Groups and Random Walks
4 November 2016 Mihalis Anoussis University of the Aegean On ergodic  properties of random walks on motion groups
11 November 2016 Ping Zhong University of Lancaster Quasi-free Quantum Stochastic Calculus and Quantum Random Walks
18 November 2016 (cancelled) Alexander Pushnitski King’s College London Rational approximation of functions with singularities
25 November 2016 Nigel Ray University of Manchester Configuration spaces and the octonions; living without associativity
2 December 2016 Natalia Iyudu University of Edinburgh Sklyanin algebras via Groebner bases


Colloquium Talks 2017

Date Speaker Institution Title
Friday 10 February 2017 Martino Lupini Caltech Noncommutative simplices
Friday 17 February 2017 Sarah Rees University of Newcastle Rewriting in Artin groups
Friday 24 February 2017 Anthony Wickstead Queen’s University Belfast Infinite Riesz decompositions
Friday 3 March 2017 Rupert Levene University College Dublin Weighted shift directed graph operator algebras
Friday 10 March 2017 David Barnes Queen’s University Belfast Monoidal algebraic models for rational S1 equivariant ring spectra
Friday 24 March 2017 Simona Paoli University of Leicester Higher structures in homotopy theory and category theory
Friday 31 March 2017 Charles Batty University of Oxford Holomorphic functions which preserve holomorphic semigroups
Friday 7 April 2017 Iva Halacheva University of Lancaster Higher Schur-Weyl duality for the periplectic Lie superalgebra p(n)
Friday 5 May 2017 Ken Davidson University of Waterloo Choquet order and hyperrigidity for function systems
Friday 12 May 2017 Roozbeh Hazrat University of Western Sydney Leavitt path algebras
Friday 13 October 2017 Leo Creedon Institute of Technology Sligo Finite Group Algebras, Unit Groups and Coding Theory
Friday 20 October 2017 Danny Sugrue Queen’s University Belfast Rational Mackey functors of profinite groups
Friday 27 October 2017 Rupert Levene University College Dublin Complexity and capacity bounds for quantum channels
Friday 3 November 2017 David Barnes Queen’s University Belfast Equivariant cohomology theories and their multiplication
Friday 10 November 2017 Alexander Pushnitski King’s College London Rational approximation of functions with singularities
Friday 17 November 2017 Stephen Weis Centre for Quantum Information and Communication, Ecole Polytechnique, Bruxelles On stable convex sets
Friday 24 November 2017 Florian Pausinger Queen’s University Belfast Persistent Homology and its use in digital image analysis
Friday 1 December 2017 Martin Mathieu Queen’s University Belfast Sheaves of operator modules
Friday 8 December 2017 Martin Mathieu Queen’s University Belfast Sheaves of operator modules – part 2

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