NEW!!!! PhD position at QTeQ

A fully funded PhD position is available to work within QTeQ. Applications are open and available at the portal

Postgraduate Studies

Tentative starting date is late January/beginning of February 2018 or as soon as possible afterwards.

The scope of this project is to ascertain the ultimate limits (if any!) of the quantum framework at the large-scale limit. We will work on a specific setting of enormous potential, namely the dynamics of a levitated nano-particle embedded into an optical cavity and driven by light.

We will make use of the unique approach to the revelation of possible deviations from the paradigm of standard quantum theory put forward by QTeQ’s members. The methodology is based on a combination of advanced theoretical techniques in quantum information processing and quantum optics, and is designed to investigate possible deviations from the predictions of quantum mechanics induced by exotic collapse mechanisms.

The massive nature of the particle being considered will also pave the way to the assessment of the possible quantum character of gravity, a problem that will be developed, within this project, with the aims of inferring gravity-induced spoiling effects on the dynamics of the levitated system.

The project will be developed within the pan-European consortium investigating project TEQ (Testing the large-scale limit of quantum mechanics), which comprises experimentalists working on levitated nanoparticles (UCL, Southampton), specialists of cavity trapping (Aarhus), leading material scientists (ITI, Genoa), and world-class theorists interested in collapse models and the interplay between quantum mechanics and gravity (Trieste, Vienna).

Please, check for further information on the QTeQ group.

The bursary comprises an EU-funded stipend and generous resources for training and travelling, including visits to scientific collaborators in Aarhus, London, Southampton, Trieste, and Vienna.

..and congrats to Dr. Ruari McCloskey as well!!

Congratulations to Ruari McCloskey, who passed his PhD Viva today!!
Ruari successfully defended his thesis against the ‘attacks’ by Dr. Andrew Brown (CTAMOP, Queen’s) and Prof. Bassano Vacchini (University of Milan). QTeQ congratulates Ruari on becoming a Dr. and hope to see him around as often as possible, although we are all aware he will be very busy becoming a super-star with his band (Civil Simian: check them out!!) and, as a hobby, working as a data analyst.

Congratulations to Dr. Brunelli

The whole QTeQ congratulates Matteo Brunelli for adding the prefix Dr. to his name!

On Monday 28 August 2017, our own Matteo has brilliantly passed his PhD viva with only minor corrections to his otherwise brilliantly written dissertation. The external examiner, Prof. Klemens Hammerer (Hannover) was very positively impressed by Matteo’s critical attitude to his own work and the depth of his understanding of non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum processes in harmonic systems.

Matteo will (sadly for us!) soon leave Belfast to join the group led by Dr. Andreas Nunnenkamp in Cambridge. He will be deeply missed, but we hope for frequent and extensive visits to ‘home’.

Feodor Lynen Fellow joins QTeQ

Great news for QTeQ: Dr. Andre’ Grossardt, an expert of foundations of quantum mechanics and, in particular, the Newton-Schroedinger equation and dynamics, has been awarded a Feodor Lyen Fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation to join QTeQ for two years.

Andre’ will be hosted by Mauro (a former von Humboldt Fellow) to further his studies on the foundation of quantum theory, this time making use of the tools made available by an information theoretic approach.

The Feodor Lynen Fellowship is a very prestigious fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, aimed at strengthening the link with von Humboldt Alumni and excellent German scholars. This is only the latest success of the group in attracting highly sought after fellowship, and pairs with Obinna Abah’s recent one-two success with the 1851 Fellowship and the Royal Society Newton Fellowship.

QTeQ is humbled to have been chosen and delighted to host Andre’ for the next 24 months. Andre’ will join the ‘post-doc team’ of the group, consisting of Oussama, Obinna, and Matteo. We have a truly international team, guys!!!

QTeQ winter annual retreat

It’s that time of the year again! The group has just started its annual winter retreat to make the point of what our research was about over the past year, welcome the new members of the team (this year Adam and Qiongyuan), and hear from our visitors (this time we have Baris Cakmak from Koc University Istanbul).

QTeQ is currently meeting in the beautiful Graduate School at Queen’s University Belfast, enjoying a full day of talks and a party afterwards! New group photo coming up soon…

Congratulations to Lorenzo!!

QTeQ congratulates Lorenzo Fusco on successfully passing his PhD viva!!!
Lorenzo has brilliantly defended his thesis, titled “Non-equilibrium thermodynamics
in quantum many-body systems” before the committee formed by Dr. Gleb Gribakin (QUB) and
Prof. Eric Lutz (Erlangen Universitaet).

Gabriele, Mauro and the whole group are proud of Dr. Lorenzo!


Prof. Mustecaplioglu visits QTeQ

Prof. Ozgur Mustecaplioglu, from Koc University in Istanbul (Turkey), visits QTeQ for a month under the support of an internationalisation grant of his Institution. Prof. Mustecaplioglu is an expert in quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics with keen interests in open-system dynamics and cavity quantum electrodynamics. Plenty of chances to discuss!

Nadia Milazzo joins QTeQ for Erasmus placement

QTeQ is delighted to welcome Miss Nadia Milazzo (Universita’ degli Studi di Palermo), who joins the group from June to September as an Erasums Placement student. Nadia works in Palermo under the supervision of Prof. G. M. Palma, and will work in Belfast with Mauro on a project blending open-system dynamics in quantum spin chains and fundamental concept such as Darwinism for the characterisation of the quantum-to-classical crossover. Welcome Nadia!!

Luca Innocenti joins QTeQ

QTeQ is delighted to welcome Luca Innocenti, a new PhD student supported by the Angelo della Riccia Foundation, who will work in Belfast to develop a quantum framework for machine learning. Luca, who has a strong link with experimental work in linear optics, will interact mostly with Alessandro and Mauro, and strong collaborations with Helena Majury and the group led by Fabio Sciarrino in Rome are expected across the next three years.

Welcome Luca!