After 2+ years of working remotely the group finally meet in person!

Having worked remotely since ~ March 2022, more than 2 years later the group finally met in person! We climbed Cavehill (see the photos below with “Napoleon’s Nose” in the background, and of Brian scaling the wall to enter one of the caves. Unfortunately Sarah couldn’t make the walk, but everyone got together before on campus (bottom photo).

From left to right: Charlie, Brian, Jaro, Jack and Dermot (PI)
Brian successfully made the treacherous climb into the cave! Andrew, Jack and Jaro look on, concerned about Brian’s return journey.
From left to right: Sarah Gregg (PhD student), Brian Cunningham (Research Fellow), Dermot Green (PI), Jaroslav Hofierka (PhD student), Jack Cassidy (PhD student), Andrew Swann (Research Fellow), Charlie Rawlins (Research Fellow)