Wavefunction collapse, gravity, and experiments

Last updated September 11, 2017 by Alessandro Ferraro

Thursday, June 22 2017, 04:00 PM, Room 01/006, David Bates Building

Speaker: A. Bassi (University of Trieste)

Macroscopic superpositions are predicted by Quantum Theory, but are not part of our experience. One explanation is that the Schroedinger equation is approximately right, and spontaneous collapses of the wave function should also be part of the dynamics. These spontaneous collapses should be “rare” for microscopic systems, so that their quantum properties are left almost unaltered. At the same time, they should become more and more frequent, the larger the object, to the point that macroscopic superpositions are rapidly suppressed. I will briefly review the main features of collapse models, as well as their potential link to gravity. Next I will present an update of the most promising ways of testing them, focussing on recent updates from non-interferometric tests and optomechanics.


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