CTAMOP organises the UK Positron Workshop 2013

Last updated May 29, 2017 by Andrew Brown

The UK Positron Workshop 2013 will take place in Belfast on 27 March 2013. This event is organised by Dr Gribakin and Prof Walters from CTAMOP. The Workshop will be held at Stramillis College. It is expected to bring together about 40 members of the UK Positron Physics community. The scope of the Workshop includes antihydrogen and recent advances in its trapping at CERN, antiproton, positron and positronium interactions with atoms and molecules, applications of positrons in condensed matter studies, etc.


We are a Research Cluster of the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Our research interests are focused primarily on computational and theoretical physics.

Old Physics Building

The Old Physics Building,
where CTAMOP is situated.