CTAMOP student awarded ‘best talk’ prize at renowned Summer School

Last updated June 7, 2017 by Andrew Brown

Helena MajuryHelena Majury, a joint PhD student of CSIT and CTAMOP, has been awarded the 3rd prize for best short-talk presentation at the recent “International School of Physics E. Fermi on Quantum simulators”

Helena’s presentation, which focused on quantum random walks and their implications for quantum state engineering, was commended for the original perspective given to the topic, and the clear exposition.

The Fermi Summer Schools, which are organised in Varenna (Italy) by the Italian Physical Society, are among the most prestigious in physics, and usually involve internationally renowned lecturers.

Helena, who works at CTAMOP with Alessandro Ferraro and Mauro Paternostro and is supported by a DEL Strategic Scholarship, is interested in pushing the paradigm of quantum random walks towards the design of efficient schemes for quantum state and process engineering.


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