CTAMOP welcomes new PhD cohort

Last updated May 30, 2017 by Andrew Brown

CTAMOP is delighted to welcome its new cohort of PhD students!

The 2015-2018 entry has brought 3 new students to the centre, while a fourth will work in collaboration with ECIT (Institute of Electronics, Communication and Information Technology).

Kathryn Hamilton will work with Andrew Brown and Hugo van der Hart on attosecond scale spectroscopy in laser-atom interactions, Christine Cartwright will investigate quantum simulation under the supervision of Gabriele De Chiara, while James Cormican will take a look at the thermodynamics of some elementary bimolecular processes in collaboration with Lorenzo Stella (ASC) and Mauro Paternostro.

Finally, Helena Majury will work with Elizabeth O’Sullivan (ECIT), Alessandro Ferraro and Mauro Paternostro on quantum walks affected by noise.

CTAMOP students are funded by DEL and the EPSRC DTA.


We are a Research Cluster of the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Our research interests are focused primarily on computational and theoretical physics.

Old Physics Building

The Old Physics Building,
where CTAMOP is situated.