Dr Sibasish Laha joins CTAMOP

Last updated May 29, 2017 by Andrew Brown

A new Post Doctoral Research Associate, Dr Sibasish Laha, has recently joined the CTAMOP research division in the School of Mathematics & Physics at QUB. He arrived in July 2014 from the Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA) in India where he worked on the X-ray observations of Active galactic Nuclei (AGN). The position, funded by STFC under grant number L0000709/1, will last for three years. Dr Laha will be working alongside Dr Cathy Ramsbottom from CTAMOP and Prof Francis Keenan from the Astronomy Research Centre (ARC). He will utilize the modeling code CLOUDY to analyse the spectra of a myriad of astronomical sources, ranging from gaseous nebulae to high red-shift quasars. We welcome Dr Laha to CTAMOP and look forward to working with him.


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Old Physics Building

The Old Physics Building,
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