EPSRC grant for quantum engines

Last updated April 18, 2019 by Andrew Brown

Many-body quantum engine

Congratulations to Dr. Gabriele De Chiara who has been awarded a grant from the EPSRC worth £350K for his research project “Many-Body Quantum Engines”.

The overarching challenge of this project is to design theoretical thermal machines, that use an ensemble of many interacting quantum particles as working substance.

The project entails a number of collaborations:

  • with J. Sherson (Aarhus) we will design an engine whose working substance and reservoirs are realised with ultracold atoms in optical lattice potentials.
  • with T. Donner (Zürich) we will design a refrigerator made of two atomic Bose-Einstein condensates that interact with the common mode of an optical cavity.

More information can be found here

Congratulations to Gabriele and his collaborators.



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