James Walters Remembered (part 2)

Last updated September 28, 2020 by Andrew Brown

Some of James’ colleagues and collaborators have sent messages of condolence since his passing. We record them here to remember James.

I only met James a few of times but he was very helpful and friendly towards Barry and me.

Dr Mark Law (Aberdeen)

James was a wonderful scientist and a very generous friend.

Professor Mike Charlton (Swansea)

A few months ago I had a message from him, as PRA editor, saying he could not referee a manuscript because of illness, but had no idea it was so serious.

Professor Ugo Ancarani (Metz)

James has been such a big part of the UK positron community and of the wider antimatter and atomic collisions communities. A very sad news indeed!

Professor Gaetana (Nella) Laricchia (UCL)

Although I did not know James closely, I met him several times when visiting Queen’s, and his work on positron and Ps collisions inspired me a lot in my studies of Ps collisions. He was really a master in this field!

Professor Ilya Fabrikant (Lincoln, Nebraska)

It’s always sad to learn of the death of someone you knew. James was a stalwart in positron atomic physics to say the least. My impression from the outside is that he helped a number of young people too.

Professor Cliff Surko (San Diego, California)

James was the person next door to my office in the very old premises of the Department in University Row (?) when I first visited Queen’s as a postdoc with Phil in 1971: he warmly welcomed me and introduced me to all the others. He never lost his kindness and his desire to teach the young.

Professor Franco Gianturco (Rome/Innsbruck)

It was my special privilege to work with James Walters for over thirty years.  James was a gentle, kind,  modest man whose wonderful wit and good humor charmed everyone who met him. His self-effacing manner endeared him to his students and friends. His PhD students venerated him; his colleagues admired and respected him. I will miss him.

Professor Colm Whelan (Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia)

James was a wonderful colleague, very reliable and supportive of his colleagues, and a wonderful mentor for students and younger colleagues alike.  He was an excellent teacher and a highly respected researcher.

Professor Alan Hibbert (Queen’s University Belfast)


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