John S Bell day: November 4th 2016

Last updated June 7, 2017 by Andrew Brown

Queen’s University and the Royal Irish Academy are delighted to announce their celebrations for the 2016 John S Bell Day.

On Friday 4 November 2016, Prof. Ronald Hanson (Delft University) will be hosted by the School of Mathematics and Physics to talk about the legacy of John Bell’s work and its implications for the emergence of quantum technologies.

A morning interview and discussion between Prof. Hanson and Leonard Hobbs, former head of public policy at Intel, will be held at Riddel Hall starting from 8:30am.

Prof. Hanson will then give a public lecture at the Bell Lecture Theatre (IRCEP) at 13:00 entitled ‘Bell’s test of Einstein’s spooky action’.

Attendance at both events is free, but attendees must register via the links below.

Register for the morning interview and discussion

Register for the public lecture


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