Paper selected for front cover of PRL

Last updated January 19, 2021 by Andrew Brown

A paper by CTAMOP PhD student Pierpaolo Sgroi and Head of School Prof. Mauro Paternostro has been selected to adorn the front cover of Physical Review Letters.

The letter reports on a new scheme for reducing entropy production in a quantum system, and features not only the scientific prowess of its authors, but also the artistic flair of Prof Paternostro, whose 007 inspired diagram graces front cover of the journal.

Reinforcement learning: An agent observes the environment acquiring its state (straight arrow), then decides to implement an action (upper curved arrow) thus updating the environment state for the next step. Based on the outcomes an interpreter grants the agent a reward R (lower curved arrow), which the agent aims to maximize.

Congratulations to Pierpaolo, Mauro and their Co-author G. Massimo Palma from UNIPA (Palermo) on this distinction.


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