Prof Arndt talks about quantum interferometry with microscopic objects

Last updated May 30, 2017 by Andrew Brown

Prof Markus Arndt from University of Vienna will visit the School as part of the IoP in Ireland Seminar Series.
The seminar will be on 19 February at 4pm in the David Bates Building , Room 0G.005.

Title: Quantum interferometry with Nanobiological Matter: status and perspectives

Abstract: Quantum physics is the uncontested best description of the inanimate world but it leads to phenomena which are in radical conflict with our common sense perception of the world. While we have grown to accept this conundrum for electrons, neutrons or atoms it is intriguing to explore how the complexity of an object will influence the possibility of preparing it in genuine quantum states. We ask in particular how to enable quantum superposition experiments with the diverse set of biological nanomatter that nature provides, starting from simple vitamins, biodyes and amino acids over polypeptides and proteins to self-replicating molecules. This is an ongoing journey on a road with many branches. I will discuss how to teach complex molecules to fly in motional states compatible with state-of-the-art de Broglie experiment – and present advanced methods for their diffraction and detection.


We are a Research Cluster of the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Our research interests are focused primarily on computational and theoretical physics.

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