Royal Society Newton Mobility Award to CTAMOPs member

Last updated June 7, 2017 by Andrew Brown

Newton FundProf. Mauro Paternostro, member and Director of Research of CTAMOP, has been awarded a Royal Society Newton Mobility Grant for bilateral collaborations with the group of Prof. O. Mustecaplioglu at Koc University (Istanbul, Turkey).

The grant aims at establishing a formal link between CTAMOP’s Quantum Technology Group (QTeQ) and Prof Mustecaplioglu’s team in Istanbul on the topic of non equilibrium quantum thermodynamics, which is one of the research strengths of QTeQ.

The grant will support mutual visits between the groups: QTeQ and CTAMOP are looking forward to hosting Prof. Mustecaplioglu and his team members in the next year as part of the support provided by the Royal Society Grant.


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