Successful ARCHER bid for CTAMOP researchers

Last updated May 30, 2017 by Andrew Brown

CTAMOP researchers are celebrating a successful bid for computational resource.

ARCHER- the UK’s national supercomputing resource- called for bids which demonstrated leadership in High Performance Computing (HPC), specifically seeking proposals which pushed the boundaries of HPC and represented the potential for high impact research.

The CTAMOP group comprises Prof. Hugo van der Hart, and Drs. Connor Ballance and Andrew Brown who will continue a long standing collaboration with Dr. Jimena Gorfinkiel at the Open University. Their bid focussed on developing capability in the world-leading R-matrix approach, and applying their codes to calculations at the forefront of fusion energy, molecular dynamics and attosecond atomic physics.

The award will also sustain the research of five PhD students in CTAMOP, and two at the OU.

In awarding the 200,000 kAUs (equivalent to ~ 13.3 million CPU hours), the panel noted that they “were certain that this project would deliver high quality science on ARCHER”.


We are a Research Cluster of the School of Mathematics and Physics at Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Our research interests are focused primarily on computational and theoretical physics.

Old Physics Building

The Old Physics Building,
where CTAMOP is situated.