Equivalence relations and open quantum system simulation

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Thursday, May 17th 2018, 04:00 PM, Bell Lecture Theatre

Speaker: D. Tamascelli (Milan University)

Abstract: Quantum systems are never completely isolated and the interaction with surrounding uncontrollable degrees of freedom, the environment, can significantly modify their dynamical properties. When the system-environment coupling is large and the environment relaxation time is comparable to the system dynamics time scale, the evolution of open quantum systems (OQS) requires to take into full account the environmental degrees of freedom. This makes the simulation of OQS, either by computational means or via fully controllable experimental setups, a challenging task.

In this seminar I illustrate equivalence relations that allow for the replacement of large bosonic environments  undergoing a unitary dynamics with  simpler ones undergoing a Lindblad-type dynamics. I  then show how such equivalence impacts on the simulation of  OQSs, from both numerical and experimental point of view.


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