Workshop: PDE models for cancer invasion

06/12/2019, 13:30 - 19:30 in Emeleus lecture theatre

Organiser: Anna Zhigun (Queen’s University Belfast)


Cancer cell invasion of tissue is an essential stage in the development and expansion of tumours and their metastases. Deduction of mathematical models describing this multifaceted process in terms of PDEs and their subsequent analysis and simulations can contribute to a better understanding of the involved biological phenomena and enable predictions about the development and the extent of a tumour. A realistic mathematical modelling of migration of living cancer cells is much more involved than, e.g., that of physical particles. It calls for new classes of models and, as a result, for new approaches in the modelling, analysis, and numerical simulations.

This workshop aims to present recent developments in this area.

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This meeting is supported by a Scheme 9 LMS grant for Celebrating New Appointments and Queen’s University Belfast.

Mathematical Sciences Research Centre