Research interests

NameResearch areasDescription of research interests
Barnes, DavidAlgebra, Topology and GeometryStable and equivariant homotopy theory, model categories, homotopical algebra
Blanco, ArielAnalysisBanach algebras and Banach lattices, in particular, Banach algebras of operators.
Boyle, LauraData Analytics, Statistics, Operational ResearchStochastic modelling; queuing
models; simulation modelling; health care systems; survival analysis;
multi-level modelling
Cairns, KarenOptimization and Operational ResearchLife expectancy modelling, joint modelling, patient readmission
Hüttemann, ThomasAlgebra, Topology and GeometryFiniteness conditions in algebra and topology; homological algebra; graded structures; algebraic K-theory
Kiss, GaborPartial Differential Equations and applied analysisDynamical systems, delay equations, differential equations
Lamrock, FelicityData AnalyticsDecision modelling, survival analysis, Markov modelling, pharmacoeconomics, longitudinal modelling, machine learning
Lin, Ying-fenAlgebra and AnalysisOperator theory; operator algebras; abstract harmonic analysis and preservers
Marshall, AdeleStatistics, Optimization and Operational Research, Data ScienceSurvival Analysis, Bayesian Modelling, Data Mining, Markov Modelling and Stochastic Models
Mathieu, MartinAlgebra, Topology and Geometry, AnalysisTopology (commutative and noncommutative), ring theory, operator theory, operator algebras
McFetridge, LisaStatistics, Optimization and Operational ResearchJoint modelling, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, Bayesian estimation, machine learning, discrete choice analysis
McMaster, BrianTopology and GeometryConnections between topology and partial order, total negation
Mitchell, HannahStatistics, Optimization and Operational ResearchJoint and mixed modelling, hidden Markov models, longitudinal data, spatial data analysis
Moutari, SalissouOptimization and Operational ResearchOperational research, discrete and continuous mathematical modelling, deterministic and stochastic optimisation, machine learning, road traffic modelling, transportation systems analysis, road traffic management and operations, road safety modelling, business intelligence
Munaro, AndreaOptimization and Operational ResearchGraph theory, algorithmics, computational complexity
Novakovic, AleksandarData ScienceArtificial intelligence and big data analytics
Pausinger, FlorianTopology and Geometry, Data ScienceComputational topology, discrete and stochastic geometry, digital image analysis, uniform distribution theory and its use in quasi-Monte Carlo integration, number theory
Shkarin, StanislavAlgebra, AnalysisBanach spaces, quadratic algebras, locally convex spaces, hypercyclic operators
Siegl, PetrAnalysis, Partial Differential Equations and applied analysisSpectral theory; non-self-adjoint operators; Schrödinger and Dirac operators; damped wave equation; graphene
Todorov, IvanAnalysisFunctional analysis, operator algebras, abstract harmonic analysis, quantum information theory
Wickstead, TonyAnalysisBanach lattices, Operators and Banach algebras
Zhigun, AnnaAnalysis, Partial Differential Equations and applied analysisMixed systems of parabolic partial and ordinary/stochastic differential equations; degenerate diffusion; chemo-/haptotaxis; nonlocal equations; modelling cell motility, particularly in cancer.

Mathematical Sciences Research Centre