QTeQ crew

Academic staff:

Gabriele De Chiara Gabriele De Chiara, Reader
– Statistical mechanics and thermodynamics in the quantum regime
– Condensed matter physics in low dimensional systems
– Entanglement and quantum information in condensed matter physics
– Density matrix renormalization group and tensor networks
– Quantum optimal control
– Quantum optics
Gabriele’s latest preprints, publications and website
Alessandro Ferraro Alessandro Ferraro, Senior Lecturer
– Quantum information in continuous-variable systems
– Quantum simulation and computing
– Quantum many-body systems
– Theory of quantum correlations
Alessandro’s latest preprints and publications
Mauro Paternostro Mauro Paternostro, Professor
– Quantum information processing and simulation
– Quantum optics (including nonlinear effects)
– Quantum optomechanics
– Theory of quantum correlations
– Quantum networking
– Foundations of quantum mechanics
– Thermodynamics of quantum systems
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Research staff:

Matteo Carlesso, Research Fellow (EPSRC funding)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Matteo’s latest preprints and publications
Diana Chisholm, Research Fellow (EIC funding)
Interests: Correlations in quantum systems
Diana’s latest preprints
Hannah McAleese Hannah McAleese, Research Fellow (DfE-SFI-NSF funding)
Interests: Quantum correlations in photonic systems
Hannah’s latest preprints and publications
Giorgio Zicari Giorgio Zicari, Research Fellow ((DfE-SFI-NSF funding)
Interests: Open quantum system dynamics and thermodynamics
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Research students:

Jessica Barr Jessica BarrPhD student (Leverhulme trust funding)
Interests: Machine Learning and open quantum systems
Sheron Blair Sheron Blair, PhD student (EPSRC funding)
Interests: Continuous-variable quantum information processing
Jonathon Brown Jonathon Brown, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Quantum machine learning
Jonathon’s latest publications
Callum Buchanan Callum Buchanan, PhD student
Interests: Control of quantum Darwinism at the mesoscopic scale
Conall Campbell Conall Campbell, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Machine Learning for Quantum Networking
Anton Corr Anton Corr, PhD student (EPSRC funding)
Interests: Quantum Thermodynamics; quantum machine learning
Adam Hawkins Adam Hawkins, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Quantum communication algorithms and quantum networking
Peter McConnell Peter McConnell, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Universal resources for quantum computation.
Ivan Palmisano, PhD student (MSCA Cofund studentship from CITI-GENS programme)
Interests: Quantum Machine Learning
  Eoghan RyanPhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Quantum walks and open quantum systems, Quantum Darwinism
Eoghan’s latest preprints and publications
  Sofia SgroiPhD student (Royal Society funding)
Interests: Machine learning and quantum thermodynamics
Sofia’s latest preprints and publications
Qiongyuan Wu Qiongyuan WuPhD student (Leverhulme trust funding)
Interests: Quantum control and quantum thermodynamics
Qiongyuan’s latest publications

Affiliate members:

Alessio Belenchia Alessio Belenchia, Research Fellow (University of Tubingen)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics. Gravitational Quantum physics. Optomechanics and applications to fundamental physics.
Alessio’s latest preprints, Alessio’s personal website
Steve Campbell Steve Campbell, Assistant Prof / Lecturer (University College Dublin)
Interests: Quantum information theory. Quantum correlations. Quantum many-body systems. Thermodynamics of quantum systems.
Steve’s latest preprints, Steve’s personal website