Academic staff:

Gabriele De Chiara, Lecturer
Interests: Quantum information and condensed matter. Density matrix renormalization group. Critical Phenomena. Quantum simulations with trapped ions. Ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices.
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Alessandro Ferraro, Lecturer
Interests: Quantum information in continuous-variable systems. Quantum simulation and computing. Quantum many-body systems. Theory of quantum correlations
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Mauro Paternostro, Professor
Interests: Quantum information processing and simulation. Quantum optics (including nonlinear effects). Quantum optomechanics. Theory of quantum correlations. Quantum networking. Foundations of quantum mechanics. Thermodynamics of quantum systems.
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Research staff:

Obinna Abah, Research Fellow (Newton Fellowship/1851 Fellowship)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics.
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Alessio Belenchia, Research Fellow (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics. Gravitational Quantum physics. Optomechanics and applications to fundamental physics.
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Luca Mancino, Research Fellow (Angelo Della Riccia Fellowship, H2020 Project TEQ)
Interests: Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum processes, quantum metrology, quantum optics and optomechanics.
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Ricardo Puebla, Postdoc (DfE-SFI Investigator Programme funding)
Interests: Many-body physics, quantum simulation, and quantum open-system dynamics.
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Research Students:

Christine Cartwright, PhD student (EPSRC DTA studentship)
Interests: Quantum simulation.
James Cormican, PhD student (DEL studentship)
Interests: Thermodynamics of biomolecular processes
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Conor Gallagher, PhD student (EPSRC DTA studentship)
Interests: Continuous-variable quantum computing
Adam Hewgill, PhD student
Interests: Non-locality and many-body systems
Luca Innocenti, PhD student (Angelo della Riccia studentship)
Interests: Quantum machine learning
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Helena Majury, PhD student (DEL Strategic Studentship–co-supervision with ECIT)
Interests: Quantum walks with noise
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Marta Maria Marchese, PhD student (H2020 studentship through project TEQ)
Interests: Optomechanic, foundations of quantum mechanics, and open-system dynamics
Hannah McAleese, PhD student (DfE-SFI funding)
Interests: Quantum correlations in photonic systems
Kenneth McAlpine, PhD student (DEL studentship)
Interests: Correlations in atomic gases
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Ruari McCloskey, PhD student (DEL studentship)
Interests: Non-Markovianity and quantum correlations. Quantum information processing with higher-dimensional systems. Orbital angular momentum.
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Peter McConnell, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Universal resources for quantum computation.
Sam McMillen, PhD student (EPSRC DTA studentship)
Interests: Non-standard quantum mechanics and foundations of quantum physics.
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Marco Pezzutto, PhD student (Visiting: Instituto Superior Tecnico de Lisboa)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics; open quantum systems
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Brendan Reid, PhD student (EPSRC DTA studentship)
Interests: Ultra-cold atom quantum simulators; light-based probes
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Qiongyuan “Miles” WuPhD student
Interests: Multipartite non-locality
Giorgio Zicari, PhD student (MSCA Cofund studentship from project SPARK)
Interests: Quantum machine learning and open-system dynamics
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MSci Students:

Andrew Curtis, MSci student
Interests: Machine learning for quantum state engineering (Mauro)
Holly Dorrian, MSci student
Interests: Quantum Darwinism (Mauro).
Nicole Dunleavy, MSci student
Interests: Multipartite quantum correlations and network theory (Mauro).
Robert McGibbon, MSci student
Interests: Quantum data analysis (Alessandro and Gareth Tribello).
Daniel Murphy, MSci student
Interests: Non-Gaussianity and transport (Alessandro and Mauro)

Affiliate members:

Matteo Brunelli, University of Cambridge
Interests: Quantum optomechanics; Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum processes.
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Steve Campbell, Assistant Prof / Lecturer (University College Dublin)
Interests: Quantum information theory. Quantum correlations. Quantum many-body systems. Thermodynamics of quantum systems.
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Tony J. G. Apollaro, Lecturer (University of Malta)
Interests: Quantum information processing and quantum statistical mechanics with spin systems. Non-Markovian dynamics.
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Simon Pigeon, ANR Fellow (Universite’ Pierre et Marie Curie)
Interests: Solid-state quantum optics. Thermodynamics of quantum systems
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André Xuereb, Senior Lecturer at University of Malta
Interests: Quantum optics. Quantum optomechanics. Mesoscopic quantum systems. Non-linear processes in optomechanical systems.
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