QTeQ crew

Academic staff:

Gabriele De Chiara Gabriele De Chiara, Reader
Interests: Quantum information and condensed matter. Density matrix renormalization group. Critical Phenomena. Quantum simulations with trapped ions. Ultra-cold atoms in optical lattices.
Gabriele’s latest preprints, Gabriele’s website
Alessandro Ferraro Alessandro Ferraro, Lecturer
Interests: Quantum information in continuous-variable systems. Quantum simulation and computing. Quantum many-body systems. Theory of quantum correlations
Alessandro’s latest preprints
Mauro Paternostro Mauro Paternostro, Professor
Interests: Quantum information processing and simulation. Quantum optics (including nonlinear effects). Quantum optomechanics. Theory of quantum correlations. Quantum networking. Foundations of quantum mechanics. Thermodynamics of quantum systems.
Mauro’s latest preprints, Mauro’s personal website

Research staff:

Obinna Abah Obinna Abah, Research Fellow (EPSRC funding)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics.
Obinna’s latest preprints
Alessio Belenchia Alessio Belenchia, Research Fellow (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics. Gravitational Quantum physics. Optomechanics and applications to fundamental physics.
Alessio’s latest preprints, Alessio’s personal website
Ricardo Puebla Ricardo Puebla, Research Fellow (DfE-SFI Investigator Programme funding)
Interests: Many-body physics, quantum simulation, open and non-equilibrium quatum system’s dynamics, quantum state preparation.
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Research students:​

Sheron Blair Sheron Blair, PhD student (EPSRC funding)
Interests: Continuous-variable quantum information processing
Jonathon Brown Jonathon Brown, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Quantum machine learning
Callum Buchanan Callum Buchanan, PhD student
Interests: Control of quantum Darwinism at the mesoscopic scale
Heather Leitch Heather Leitch, PhD student (EPSRC funding)
Interests: Quantum thermodynamics
Marta Maria Marchese Marta Maria Marchese, PhD student (H2020 studentship through project TEQ)
Interests: Optomechanic, foundations of quantum mechanics, and open-system dynamics
Marta’s latest preprints
Hannah McAleese Hannah McAleese, PhD student (DfE-SFI funding)
Interests: Quantum correlations in photonic systems
Hannah’s latest preprints
Peter McConnell Peter McConnell, PhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Universal resources for quantum computation.
Sam McMillen Sam McMillen, PhD student (EPSRC DTA studentship)
Interests: Non-standard quantum mechanics and foundations of quantum physics.
Sam’s latest preprints
Ivan Palmisano, PhD student (MSCA Cofund studentship from CITY-GENS programme)
Eoghan Ryan Eoghan RyanPhD student (DfE funding)
Interests: Quantum walks and open quantum systems
Pierpaolo Sgroi Pierpaolo SgroiPhD student (Royal Society funding)
Interests: Machine learning and quantum thermodynamics
Qiongyuan Wu Qiongyuan WuPhD student
Interests: Multipartite non-locality
Giorgio Zicari Giorgio Zicari, PhD student (MSCA Cofund studentship from project SPARK)
Interests: Quantum machine learning and open-system dynamics
Giorgio’s latest preprints

Affiliate members:

Matteo Brunelli Matteo Brunelli, University of Cambridge
Interests: Quantum optomechanics; Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of quantum processes.
Matteo’s latest preprints
Steve Campbell Steve Campbell, Assistant Prof / Lecturer (University College Dublin)
Interests: Quantum information theory. Quantum correlations. Quantum many-body systems. Thermodynamics of quantum systems.
Steve’s latest preprints, Steve’s personal website
Tony Apollaro Tony J. G. Apollaro, Lecturer (University of Malta)
Interests: Quantum information processing and quantum statistical mechanics with spin systems. Non-Markovian dynamics.
Tony’s latest preprints
Simon Pigeon Simon Pigeon, ANR Fellow (Universite’ Pierre et Marie Curie)
Interests: Solid-state quantum optics. Thermodynamics of quantum systems
Simon’s latest preprints
Andre Xuereb André Xuereb, Senior Lecturer at University of Malta
Interests: Quantum optics. Quantum optomechanics. Mesoscopic quantum systems. Non-linear processes in optomechanical systems.
André’s latest preprints, André’s personal website