Introducing Dr Hofierka: Jaroslav successfully defends his PhD!

Group PhD student Jaroslav Hofierka successully completed his PhD, titled “Many-body theory of positron-molecule interactions”. Below is a photo of the group with the external examiner Prof Vitali Averbukh (Imperial College London) and our colleague Dr Gleb Gribakin (QUB internal examiner).

Congratulations to Jaroslav! Jaroslav will now take up a postdoc position with the internationally-renowned Heidelberg group of Prof Lorenz Cederbaum. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with Jaroslav in the future!

From left to right: Prof Vitali Averbukh (Imperial College London, external examiner), Dr Jaroslav Hofierka (now at Heidelberg University), Dr Gleb Gribakin (QUB internal examiner), Sarah Gregg, Dr Brian Cunningham, Dr Andrew Swann, Jack Cassidy and Dr Dermot Green (supervisor)