Antimatter-bonded molecules!

Our latest work, on positronically-bonded molecules, has been published in the Journal of Chemical Physics, in the highly-selective 2024 Emerging Investigators Special Collection and as a JCP Featured Article.

Molecules as we typically know them are comprised of two or more atoms glued together by the sharing of electrons. But, in 2019 a South-American research group (Charry, Reyes and Varella) predicted antimatter-bonded molecules, specifically molecules who’s fragments were anions glued together by a positron. We have developed and applied our many-body theory of positron-molecule interactions to describe such positronically-bonded molecules, using it to predict positronically-bonded molecules with molecular fragments, e.g., the binding of two NCO negative ions by a positron.

See J. P. Cassidy, J. Hofierka, B. Cunningham and D. G. Green, J. Chem. Phys. 160, 084304 (2024) [Emerging Investigators Special Collection].